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The polite way to share and enjoy the dance floor.

Never step onto the dance floor carrying drink, glasses or cans.
Always walk around the edge of the dance floor.
Never walk though lines of moving dancers.
Never stay on the floor to talk - if music is playing go off the dance floor to chat.
When dancing near beginners - be mindful and courteous and don't show off.
Try to be helpful and welcoming to newcomers, visitors and guests.
Only start a different dance, if there is room and you sense it is acceptable to do so.
If the floor is crowded, take small steps, enjoy the company, but watch for collisions.
If you should bump into someone, it is nice to apologise whether it is your fault or not.
Be polite and respectful to DJ's especially when making requests.
Don't get grumpy and moan if your request is not played - its spoils it for others.
Please and thank you go a long way.
Remember to give applause when dancing to live acts. Don't just walk off the floor.
Should you accidentally knock over someone's drink replace it immediately.
If possible start another line rather than join one that will block the outside lanes.
Don't be tempted to stop dancing to teach. Go off the floor to teach.
When starting off the dance, go to the front so that others can fall in behind you.
If appropriate try to leave the outside edge clear for couple dancers.
Those dancing around the outside have the right of way. Don't block their progress.
Say thank you at the end of an enjoyable session
When dancing around the floor, the line of dance 'LOD' is always anti-clockwise.
And finally, keep your head up , keep smiling and enjoy yourselves.

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