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I am moving shortly to live with my son so my last class will be Friday 13th May with a Glitter Unicorn Party.

7.30pm to 10.00pm

The class is going to be fun in future by Julie of
Silver Fern Dance Academy from Friday 20th May
7.30pm to 9.30pm.
She is on Facebook and has a website


I have loved my 25 plus years dancing in Maidenhead and will miss you all but it's time for me to be near family.  I will be running a class up north once I get settled, so if you are ever in the Blackpool/Preston area come and see me!

I will keep this website, Instagram and my Facebook page running so you can still follow what dances I'm doing.  

Sandra xxx 


I am on Instagram as The Rays Line Dance Club

and this is our Facebook page 


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New beginners welcome.  If you have danced in the past and want to give line dancing another go,
or you have never tried it before, come and join us at our fun and friendly classes.  

I try and teach dances that everyone will enjoy;
it is a difficult job to please everyone but I do a mixture of easy,
more difficult, old, new and requested dances.  
If you tried line dancing before and trying to keep up with all the
latest fastest dances wasn't for you, give us a try
as our class is not like that!  
We aim to have a good time while keeping active, meeting
new friends and doing dances that we enjoy to great music.

Keep dancing!

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